Celebrating Life
for 2000 years

An intellectual and aesthetic tradition

The Venue

Our main venue is itself a celebration of life.

Completed around 1130 the Round Church is the second-oldest building in Cambridge. It predates the university and has hosted public and private life events for nearly a thousand years.

In turn it is modelled on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, whose round shape is said to represent the eternal life of Christ’s resurrection two thousand years ago.

More information on the venue can be found through the Round Church Visitor Centre which offers an exhibition, video and guided walks.

Since 2001 the Round Church has been curated by The Foundations Trust – formerly known as Christian Heritage – which helps people explore the relationship between faith and culture.

Our Team

Life in the Round events are planned in partnership with local churches across Cambridge, and our growing team includes the following who are either attendees or staff members of the churches listed:

  • Zachary Ardern, St Andrew the Great
  • Daniel Gilman, St Andrew the Great
  • Mike Hood, Eden Baptist Church
  • Tim Laurence, Eden Baptist Church
  • Anja Lijcklama à Nijeholt, Eden Baptist Church
  • Matt Lillicrap, Hope Community Church
  • Matt Peckham, Rock Baptist Church
  • Jo Pinfield, Eden Baptist Church
  • Jon Savage, St Andrew the Great
  • JP Sivertsen-Wright, Christ Church

Our Background

Our work originates from English L’Abri in Hampshire – which means “shelter”, and we are committed to the same ethos of hospitality and dialogue inspired by L’Abri’s founder, Francis Schaeffer, who wrote:

 “We must give honest answers to honest questions. Christianity is Truth, Truth that God has told us, and if it is Truth, it can answer questions.”


Question the Beauty

Question the beauty of the earth, question the beauty of the sea, question the beauty of the air amply spread around everywhere...question all these things.

They all answer you: Here we are, look, we're beautiful.

Their beauty is their confession.

And who made these beautiful changeable things, if not one who is beautiful and unchangeable?"

Augustine of Hippo