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Life in the Round offers an engaging space to explore the value of life in dialogue with today’s culture and the historic Christian faith.

Our most recent events at the Round Church included a talk and discussion on ‘AI Innovation and the Limits of Humanity’, a musical event reflecting on the Coronation’s deep historic roots in the Christian faith, and film discussion nights.

As well as our relaxed Think Tank event (see below), our upcoming events include an evening thinking through peace-building and reconciliation in global conflict, and a musical event exploring the story of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade (more details coming soon, and be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be notified about upcoming events).

Forthcoming Events

Explore life through...


from guest speakers

Arts Evenings

in a 12th century venue

Lunch Discussion

around a shared table

Academic viewpoints

from university scholars


Live talks

Stimulating ideas and honest dialogue.

Some of our previous topics include:

  • Who wants to live forever? The problems and prospects of immortality
  • Nature and grace in Terrence Malik
  • Three theories of everything
  • God in the brain: is belief an accident of human neuropsychology?

Arts evenings

The 12th century Round Church provides a unique and intimate arts venue, with its round regularly hosting music, drama and visual cultural experiences.   

A selection of evenings we’ve already shared: 

  • Resurrection poetry festival
  • John Ruskin and the primacy of vision
  • Spoken word, live music, film discussion  
  • Dostoyevsky: a prophet for our time
  • Ethics and aesthetics: how fine art helps form people’s ethics

Lunch Discussions

Big ideas explored through shared meals.

Every Wednesday in term time the lunch table in the north aisle of the Round Church is open to postgraduate students at Cambridge University to explore life’s big questions.

Limited spaces: booking required.


Academic viewpoints

Cambridge hosts leading scholars. How might today’s University interact with the Christian intellectual tradition from which it emerged? 

Titles from our archive:

  • What’s the Point of the University?
  • The Financial Crisis: a Christian Response
  • Does the Law need a Moral Basis?
  • Biomedical Nanotechnology: Prospects and Challenges
  • I’m Not Me: Shame and the Self with St Paul 

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”